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A round of thanks for a great year

I would like to wrap what most probably be the last post of 2009 (We’re going on a small break) with a round of thanks. A big Thank You to my brilliant team – Sonali, Sachin, Smit, Leena & Aakanksha for thier fantastic efforts and hard work. You can never know how much I appreciate you guys. Thank you […]

Saying Goodbye to 2009, Hello to 2010

“May you live in interesting times” goes a Chinese curse/blessing. The year 2009 was certainly interesting in many ways. Personally I will always remember 2009 as the year we took on holistic web design concept and really applied it. This change has made all the difference to our clients and to our revenues as well. […]

The Art Of Newsletter Management – Getting your organization to publish a regular online newsletter.

Let me begin by making a simple statement. “The success of your newsletter effort will depend heavily upon the ability of your organization to send relevent information from all parts of the organization to a central responsible person”. Most newsletter efforts fail because it is relegated to the dark dingy closet of the marketing department where […]

A Holistic Approach to Web Design

Nowadays a Holistic approach has become very popular where doctors not only treat the symptom but also the entire body, mind and soul. Its acknowledgement of the fact that the overall well being contributes greatly to the health of an individual. For many years now we have being websites for clients and were quite happy doing […]

Optimizing your social media marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing is all about creating touch points for a wide range of people to know about your business, get in touch with you and learn from you. But it can be only effective if it is guided in a coordinated manner. Many PR and advertising efforts are like unguided missiles. They fly all […]