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What We Believe – A Web Designer’s Manifesto

I was struck by a brilliant presentation by Simon Sinek on how leadership is about who you are more than what and how you create your product. View this brilliant presentation here – So here goes – What We Believe, A Web Designer’s Manifesto We believe that every business deserves a brilliant website that […]

India’s 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable by Netcore and IAMAI

Attended the 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable held jointly by Netcore and IAMAI. Panelists included Ratish Nair- Co-founder at Ad Magent, Gulshan Verma, Country head – Komli Media, Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer – India Infoline, Sandip Tarkas, President (Customer Strategy) – Future Group and  Atul Phadnis, CEO – What’s on India. The discussion through up some […]

New website review –

I got a little SMS late yesterday night. Su-kam maker of the inverters have just launched their new website. As a customer and a web designer I was curious to see how it had turned out. The earlier site was quite sad. Happy to say they’ve done a good job although nothing outstanding.  They have […]

Blogs are a good alternative for those who cannot afford professional websites

A part of being a professional design firm is turning down prospects who do not have sufficient budgets for professional web design. For those people we recommend a quick and easy way to get online using Blogs. Many blogging platforms are easy to setup and use and come with tons of plugins (add on programs […]

Tata Communications, what the hell are they selling anyways?

The something for everyone approach doesn’t work Here we go again, another telecom company wanting to be the anything and everything of the small business community (SMBs). They are not doing through the organic development but rather through a third party vendors route, reselling established services. And you can see that they are covering every base […]