India’s 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable by Netcore and IAMAI

Attended the 2nd Email Marketing Roundtable held jointly by Netcore and IAMAI.

Panelists included Ratish Nair- Co-founder at Ad Magent, Gulshan Verma, Country head – Komli Media, Sankarson Banerjee, Chief Information Officer – India Infoline, Sandip Tarkas, President (Customer Strategy) – Future Group and 
Atul Phadnis, CEO – What’s on India.

The discussion through up some interesting points the gist of which I caught are:

  • There is trememdous overlap between the various mediums now – i.e. email, mobile and social media

  • Email by itself may not be effective for customer acquisition and has to be coupled with the other mediums to acquire new customers

  • Email marketing is excellent for customer retention and customer awareness.

  • Email marketing may be be increasingly irrelevant for the younger generation raised on mobile and social media.

  • Variations in email marketing campaigns are huge but all such campaigns depend on how narrowly you target the target audience.

  • The coming ban on mobile marketing by TRAI from 1st march 2011 is definitely going to have an effect on email marketing as marketers once more will turn to it for large scale sales push.

  • Netcore’s suite of tools both in the email and mobile domain are ideal for any kind of mass marketing campaign.

Watch this space for the video of the entire conference evening.


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