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The future of SEO: Is Social Media Optimization a threat to Search Engine Optimization?

When I came into the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry I was crazy about Search Engine Optimization & I studied as much as I could about it. I was immensely lucky that I got the most open-minded boss possible, who always encouraged me and gave me the freedom to experiment. I learnt a lot┬áby experimenting […]

Social media integration – the definition of integration in the social media paradigm by Prashant Pinge

The golden age of social media has dawned. There is no knowing how long it will last. But businesses are scrambling to make their presence felt on this magical landscape that promises untold glory. Everyone knows about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a host of other social media sites that have suddenly provided a viral platform […]

Leaders are readers, but do they have to be good writers too? The importance of creating compelling content in the new age digital marketing world.

I was inspired by this cool article by Sanket Nadhani of – How Writing Makes A Stronger You [And Why Entrepreneur Should Write] and it got me thinking about the importance of writing in today’s world. If you read the article it points out how writing tends to help you in clarity of thought […]

List of credit card payment gateways in India. Options for adding a payment gateway to your e-commerce website.

Credit Card Gateways in India have multiplied in the last few years providing e-commerce website owners a range of rates, fees and options to choose from. In a cost conscious country like India ultimately the rates are the key. Here is our honest effort at listing all the available credit card gateways in India. Some […]

Why I am making a blog compulsory for my clients. The challenges and issues of succesfully blogging for your business.

I must admit. I have become a blogging evanglist. I love blogging and i’m making sure my clients love blogging too. Why this compulsion for my clients to start and maintain their blog? In today’s marketing environment all webites are saying pretty much the same, offering similiar services and no matter how well designed reflect […]