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How much should a website cost? Making sense of the wide range of pricing for website design in India.

This is probably one of the most controversial posts I might make. But this question has been coming up with alarming regularity in one form or the other. Typical questions such as: Why is there so much difference in the prices quoted by different vendors for the same work? I saw on TV websites being advertised […]

Our dear friend & contributor Prashant Pinge has just launched a children’s book – Naughty Avantika. Those with kids definitely do get this one.

Our dear friend and regular contributor to this blog has just launched a children’s book Naughty Avantika.  In his own words: My latest book of children’s fiction, Naughty Avantika, has just been published by Happy Squirrel, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing. About the book Naughty Avantika comprises of amusing stories about Avantika, an eight year […]

Planning a dotcom? Hire us as consultants / advisors and boost the chances of your online success.

Dreaming of being the next Facebook or Linkedin? Have a great idea for a online business? Don’t have a clue about starting a dotcom? Hire us as dotcom consultants. (There you have it… a straight pitch). Why do you need us? Starting a dotcom needs planning and a different mindset from a normal business. Its […]

The holy trinity of social media – Facebook, twitter and the blog. Aim them at an idea, concept or service you want to promote.

After the explosive growth of social media platforms it seems to be coming down to this holy trinity of social media – Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. And if you think about it, seems like a very complementary trio. Facebook fills the social quotient, Twitter is a form of micro-blogging and the blog is well… […]

A career as a web design professional in India. List of web design courses and institutes in India.

As a web design professional who runs a web design firm I interview lots of youngsters applying for web design and development related jobs. Overall I am not very satisfied with the quality of web design training in India. However going into a debate about the quality of web design training in India would take […]