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Quick web design approvals. How to give & get appropriate feedback without destroying the design creative.

Have you ever sat through a meeting that resembled the Bingo Mad Angles commercial, where the obvious was overlooked and everyone was trying to prove their usefulness by giving bullshit feedback. Well, I have sat through enough of those to know that the result is never good. I have also sat in meetings where the […]

Book Reco: Built to Sell by John Warrillow – A must read for small business owners including web design agencies and other creative firms

Absolutely loved it!! Its quite rare to come across a business book that grabs my interest and keeps it there like a racy thriller, but this one does just that. I practically read the whole book in a day and enjoyed it thoroughly. ‘Built to Sell’ by John Warrillow is the story of a owner […]

Improve bounce rates and time on site with an intuitive context driven navigation rather than category driven navigation.

This month we have to redesign, revamp and reorganize the content of two client sites with a lot of information and pages. Normally we would take a linear approach, categorize the content and then provide a simple navigation to browse the content by categorized listings. There is only one problem with this approach. It hits […]

Best social media strategy in India is to take the middle path and use common sense. The proper strategy should be rewarding and sustainable.

A friend alerted me to this article in the Economic Times about the dangers of overrelying on Facebook or any one platform for that matter. Nowadays you can see the website URLs being replaced with Facebook URLs for companies in TV and print adverts. I think thats a bit dangerous. I had earlier written […]

Virtual Sales / Spokes Persons – Humanizing your site and adding a bit of ooomph to it!!

Imagine visiting a site and being greeted by a beautiful women talking about its products. I don’t know about others but it definitely gets my attention. A growing trend of adding a ‘Virtual Sales Person’ or a ‘Virtual Spokes Person’ is catching on and we see them popping up in more and more sites. Their creators […]