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Evaluating the complexity of web project – what makes a website simple or complex?

During a recent meeting with a prospective client I made an off hand remark that the project we were discussing is around 6/10 in terms of complexity ( 1 being simple and 10 very complex). The gentleman immediately asked how I came to that figure but it was difficult for me to explain it. I guess it […]

Bringing older business clients online – overcoming their fears & providing guidance

I recently met with a prospective client who confessed that she might be too late in terms of getting her business online. Overall she is a superbly successful business person with years of experience behind her but some fears (justified and unjustified) held her back from being more aggressive online. Although there are a lot […]

IABC Western India Chapter – Communication Lighthouse, looking at change and crisis through the PR lens.

The first in the series organized by the Western India chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  The speakers were highly experienced professionals who had come to share thier ideas and time and that was highly appreciated by everyone. Normally these events are always a mix of high energy talks and some routine slideshow presentations and […]