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Inspirational video – Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson

Beating the Google Panda update – How we transformed and brought traffic up to Pre-Panda levels.

More than a few months ago we were hit with the Google Panda shocker.¬† Overnight our Infertility treatment related website lost over 30-40% of its daily traffic. Although the traffic was still substantial, the loss of the top end traffic did hurt. We immediately went into a damage control mode and made tweaks to […]

Start With Why by Simon Sineck – I’ll tell you why you should buy this book!

I have been wanting to get my hands on the book by Simon Sineck (of Ted Talks fame) – ‘Start with Why’. I finally managed to get a copy and was not disappointed. Simon’s lucid and clear style of writing and explaining of intellectual concepts was engrossing. Why should you buy this book? If at […]

Are dotcom entrepreneurs cluttering the marketplace with unworkable services and products?

The media today is awash with stories of dotcoms starting, getting funding and as quickly closing down. The culprits are too much money in the wrong hands, irrational expectations and a completely useless value-add concept. What is the value add here? That should be the question every dotcom entrepreneur should be asking oneself? Its a […]

United Way Mumbai – – An endearing but complex website project.

Its rare to get the opportunity to mix business with doing good and the United Way Mumbai Website gave us just such an opportunity. Technically it was a normal client project but considering the cause, it felt different. ¬†Right from the beggining we realized that it was also a huge responsibility for us – a […]