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Selling online to children – a different approach to creating websites for kids and parents

Recently we have been handed several kids targeted website projects and its been quite a different experience.  A lot of things you take for granted marketing to adults go out of the window. Colors, fonts, simplicity of messages etc all have to be different. Not to mention the constant care you have to take about […]

Strategies for entering a crowded e-commerce market – differentiate or die.

“There are over 40 good quality e-commerce websites in the your industry space, and that is only in India.” The client was quite surprised at this. He had not considered how much the e-com space has evolved in his industry, especially in India. But the good news for him was that there is were very […]

Do you know where your outsourced web design work is ending up – most of the times not with your original vendor

I received this mail today – without any context, introduction or how do you do. ———— Subject: Lets start work…. Hello, We want to give you projects that we get We will keep updating to those who replies to this email This is applicable only regarding IT Work Please share your Three Major Skills with […]

MiracleworX Web Design celebrates 10 years in business – and onwards to the next 10 years.

When Woody Allen, the noted comedian and actor, was asked the secret of his success, he simply said, ‘Show up’. And we have being ‘showing up’ and delivering for the past 10 years. We have some good times and some bad times, good jobs and bad jobs, good clients and not so good clients, but […]