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Creating engaging content for your website without hiring an army of content writers

Recently a client asked for ideas on how to create engaging content for a website we are creating for him. Although he is passionate about the subject he does not have much material about it other than what he has read in books and on other sites. ┬áSo the dilemma was to create fresh content […]

Book Reco – ‘Never Eat Alone’ by Keith Ferrazzi – A wakeup call for all business owners and entrepreneurs

As the daily grind of business and work carries on, many of forget the most critical part of our success – our network. In the beggining we tend to it with great enthusiasm. But as the business picks up and we get busy, this aspect tends to get neglected. We don’t return calls promptly, we […]

Old outdated, decrepit, stale, crappy websites – even the best companies have them. Time to redesign.

It never fails to amaze me. Some of the most well known and well respected companies have crappy sites. Its as if the company has relegated website mainteance to some dusty old folder and have completely forgotten about it. They have no idea or they don’t care about the beating the company image is taking […]

Interactive reading – Completely changing the way we take in information.

Recently I have become the proud owner of a Samsung Tab 10.1 (i know, i know…i am a late bloomer). What was surprising is the extent by which it changed my reading habits. I have always been a paper reader, preferring a physical book to any of the electronic medium. I was never a big […]