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Why asking for design concepts before the project is awarded is not a good idea.

We frequently get requests from prospective customers for presenting design options before the project/ contract has been awarded to us. They call it proof of concepts and use them to decide a vendor. We do not encourage this practise at all, although if the client is important and the contract large, we have been known […]

Hostage to hosting – A web developers best friend or worst nightmare

The dreaded call early in the morning – ‘my site is down’, from a client. On going online you realize the server is down or the database connection has failed. The hosting company was doing some server maintenance at night and your website data got lost in the shuffle. Welcome to a nightmare of endless […]

Book Reco: ‘Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing’ by George Cloutier

This book is a swift kick in the backside for all entrepreneurs  and business people When I picked up this book and briefly flipped through it I was struck by the brusque no nonsense tone of the writing. I avoided reading it for a few days thinking that I don’t want to read anything negative. […]