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Web developers need to take charge of their projects – lead and advise the client.

We all have stories about how a client drove a project off a cliff by their lack of cooperation or funny ideas about how things should be. The web design world is full of half done projects and dissatisfied clients and irritated web developers. The fault usually lies equally with the web developer and the […]

What e-commerce websites can do to encourage impulse buying – it’s tricky but possible.

This post is inspired from a discussion on the FB group Digital Marketing Ideas. The question asked was – ‘Can we trigger impulse buying through digital marketing?’. And it got me thinking about the times when I purchased online on impulse, and the answer came to me – Amazon, of course. To the chagrin of […]

Growing the web design pie in India – changing our attitudes and increasing cooperation

Q. How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb? Ans. 1 to do the changing and 2500 to submit proposals for the contract for changing the light bulbs. Ok, so it may not be the best light bulb joke in the world but you get the idea. We work in one […]

Calling all Web Developers – Seminar on Indian Cyber Law & Role of Web Professionals

The Digital & Internet Marketing Active Group is organizing a seminar on Indian Cyber Law & Role of Web Professionals. Date : 22nd December 2012 – Saturday – Morning. Registration is FREE. Venue : AOTS, 3rd Floor, India Printing House,  No. 42, Dr. Ambedkar Marg, Mumbai – 400031 Land Mark : Near Wadala Ram Mandir, Near […]

Google Apps goes Gangnam style, all paid!! Wop wop!!

Time for all us freeloaders and moochers to find some other super reliable FREE email service. Google Apps no longer is free. Although they will not close free accounts created earlier (maybe hoping we will shell out the $50 for each mailbox..ouch). Is the Google Apps paid version worth it? Definitely, if you can afford […]