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Interesting presentation on the perils of content marketing.

An interesting presentation on the deluge of marketing content we are all exposed to. Enjoy.

Is your web designer like a bull dog? Tenacious and persistent?

What an odd question you might say, but after 15 years in this business, the one quality I would say that is the most important for any web designer especially in India is – bull dog like persistence. Here are some of the challenges web designers have to often face when trying to complete a […]

Quick Reads – A collection of interesting posts I came across in the last week.

Some links to very interesting articles and posts I came across in my daily browsing. Enjoy. 8 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried True professionals don’t fear amateurs Content and commerce collide: is it harder for publishers or e-tailers? 5 Worst Startup Advice We’ve Been Given The Impact of Online Video on Customer Support Disney’s […]

Book Review: The Wave Rider by Ajit Balakrishnan

When I worked at from early 1998 to mid 2002, Ajit Balakrishnan (AB as we affectionately called him) was my boss’s boss’s boss. I was very junior at that time and remember looking at AB with awe and fear. Although I never knew him well personally, he has always been an inspiring figure in […]

E-commerce re-targeting – Good idea or invasion of privacy?

Imagine you walk into a store and select something you really liked but at the last moment change your mind. After a day or so you are walking on the road and look at a poster or banner to see that very item being advertised specifically to you – that’s re-targeting. These days with increased […]