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Book Reco – Rework by Jason Fried & David Hansson

Finally managed to get my hands on this book which was recommended by so many people.  And it was worth the effort. All business people wish for a no nonsense, zero jargon, common sense business book and this it it! Created by the folks at 37 signals which is a successful online software company, it is [...]

Book Reco – The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

This book is like picking up a no-nonsense manual for success. Its central premise is that small things done every day have an incremental effect which over time adds up to huge success. And it is hard to argue with the authors logic. Starting with the power of the compounding effect, the author takes us [...]

Book Reco: Fifth Wave Leadership by Morris R. Shectman

Its not often that you come across a book on psychology that is easy to read and meaningful to the average person. I picked up Shectman’s Fifth Wave Leadership wondering if I would have the strength to read it through but I was pleasantly surprised by the easy language, simple explanations and very interesting concepts. [...]

Book Reco – Peaks & Valleys, Making Good Times Work for You – At Work and In Life by Spencer Johnson

I am normally quite sceptical about these small parable books that try and give life lessons in small bite size chunk. I feel normally to absorb a new learning you need to study and immerse yourself in it. However I found Peaks and Valleys to be quite refreshingly original. As the title suggests, ‘Peaks & Valleys [...]

Why I donated ALL my books to

Yup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection? Read on. I rarely re-read my books. I [...]