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Forrester Research kicks Facebook in the nuts, says Facebook is failing marketers

We love a bit of controversy with the morning coffee and nothing better than our favorite giant Facebook getting kicked in the nuts (figuratively) by Forrester Research. An open letter from Forrester’s Nate Elliot to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg warns about the Facebook not giving enough value to businesses who advertise on it. Nate Elliot writes, […]

Is your social media campaign running on auto pilot? Wake up and take charge.

You hired a social media agency like us to administer your company social media campaign. You are enthusiastic for the first couple of weeks and the posts are nicely ticking along and the ‘likes’ are steadily climbing. Soon you let it go on auto-pilot. The agency keeps posting and your campaign keeps moving. KRA fulfilled. […]

SME Toolkit India – Kick starting a social media strategy plan for your business

The latest of our weekly posts to the ICICI SME Toolkit India Kick starting a social media strategy plan for your business Cheers, Ron

Determine the objectives before you begin any social media initiative.

I recently had a conversation with a client who had hired a freelancer to manage their company’s social media initiative and when I say social media initiative i mean Face book. ¬†As he explained to me that they had been posting regularly and were gaining ‘likes’ regularly but it was not doing anything for the […]

Birth of a new cottage industry – the production of Facebook ‘Likes’

A friend likes to do a simple exercise – he takes a printout of the Facebook Wall of a popular (in terms of ‘likes’) fan page. He then starts circling conversations which are relevant and meaningful to the brand. Doing this he gets an idea of the impact level of conversations happening on the page […]