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Tinder’s unique interface is really catching on…swipe swipe swipe

Tinder┬áhas become ubiquitous with dating through its excellent interface (personal note, am happily married, interest is purely academic). Using a simple slide interface it provides a fun and easy selection process. This process is now being copied across sites and across verticals. Today I saw a ‘tinder’ for fonts. It allows you to browse fonts […]

Three web design trends that are hot right now!

Web design evolves just like technology and also goes through its own fads and style periods. Designing also changes with the evolution of technology particularly CSS and JavaScript evolutions. 1. Pictures tell the┬ástory Large images stretching across the page overlaid with tactically relevant copy is in. Opening some sites can take your breath away due […]

3 Thing we want Indian Credit Card Gateways to really improve

As a web developer in the midst of the e-commerce storm it falls on us to integrate all kinds of payment gateways for our clients. Many of them are Indian. And let me tell you the experience has been terrible. 1. First and foremost please improve the documentation! I have received documentation from Indian credit […]

On this auspicious day we launch our new website design!

It gives us great pleasure to launch our new site design on this auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya.

Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists get a terrific new e-commerce website

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Association e-commerce website! Not only are we proud that it serves a wonderful purpose but also of the functionality and customization possible on this site. Here are a few snapshots The new site – Thousands […]