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Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Artists get a terrific new e-commerce website

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new website for the Indian Mouth & Foot Painting Association e-commerce website! Not only are we proud that it serves a wonderful purpose but also of the functionality and customization possible on this site. Here are a few snapshots The new site – Thousands […]

Attack of the clones – common designs and common websites

I have watched the evolution of website design for over 15 years from simple text and link based sites to Flash based monsters to the light airy Html 5 ones of today. I am thrilled with the technology development and the way site scripting has evolved. jQuery and HTML 5 have taken our old friend DHTML […]

How active is your digital initiative – the ultimate checklist!

Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business’s digital initiative. Items Points Your Score If your company has a website (Duh!) 5 If you have updated the website in the last 10 days (Sending emails does not count!) 5 Is analytics plugged into your website (Don’t know where […]

The 3 Reasons your Business Needs an Explainer Video By Shea Harris

This post is by my friend Shea Harris who is the creator of I was very impressed with his work and reached out to him for a guest post. Happily he obliged. I do hope you get an opportunity to work with him. Cheers – Ron. Over to Shea… Don’t have an explainer video? Wait, you […]

E-zines – Are they still relevant in the age of social media and information overload?

There was a time that e-zines were all the rage. Everyone was creating them and I was subscribed to literally dozens of them. However with Facebook and other social tools taking up precious online time they are being read less and less. Information overload is another issue working against e-zines. E-zines piling up in the […]