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How active is your digital initiative – the ultimate checklist!

Use this comprehensive yet simple check list to see if how active is your business’s digital initiative. Items Points Your Score If your company has a website (Duh!) 5 If you have updated the website in the last 10 days (Sending emails does not count!) 5 Is analytics plugged into your website (Don’t know where [...]

For many startups a pivot can turn into a wobble and then disaster!

A ‘pivot’ ┬áis one of those jargonish terms startups use to describe ‘Oh shit! We need to be doing this instead of that!’. Its a way of saying that a. either we got it wrong from the start or b. what we are doing isn’t working, so plan B. There are degrees of pivots. Some [...]

What you should know when changing vendors for your website maintenance.

A prospective client wrote to me with this request: “Please assist us in assisting by informing that what documents are must for website maintenance and development activities, in context of shifting of vendors from one to new or technology platform.” Here was my response to the query. It is something all website owners should keep [...]

Switching web design agencies – a few things to keep in mind for a smooth transition.

Sometimes web design agencies take clients for granted and sometimes they outgrow them or vice versa. For whatever the reason there could come a time when you need to switch agencies. Depending on your departing agency and the new agency this can be a smooth transition or it can turn into a nightmare. Here are [...]

Is your website DICEE enough? Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering & Elegant web design.

This post has been inspired from an excellent article by Guy Kawasaki in which he about the DICEE concept. DICEE stands for Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering & Elegant. Although Guy uses it for product develop in general I see it very relevant to web design as well. Lets take a look at each element [...]