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Mayday! Indian e-commerce portals switching to app only. Right decision?

Almost sounds like an April fools joke but it isn’t. Web designers get worried when they hear such news although technically there is not much for them to worry about. From May 1st, Indian e-commerce portal will be app only. Flipkart will follow suit soon which is a big pain for me personally as […]

Website management – 5 ways to avoid a congress websites type debacle

Was quite amused when I came across this article in Medianama. Apparently their erstwhile webmaster feeling offended at not getting a party ticket decided to unanimously stop the congress party website. Not only was it embarrassing for the party but it also highlighted the party’s poor digital management skills. However they are not the only […]

Customers helping customers – a new paradigm for online customer support

Imagine you can drastically reduce your customer support costs and at the same time improve quality of service exponentially. And as a bonus you get terrific customer loyalty! Too good to be true? Welcome to the a new paradigm of customer support – Customers helping customers. Came across this excellent example from Disney.   […]

Success in digital marketing requires a healthy dose of reality

Managing expectations is a large part of a digital marketers job profile. Expectations from clients or bosses or other divisions. Whenever we start any digital marketing campaign we always start with a whole lot of assumptions, many of which don’t pan out. Many times it becomes a case of throw things at a wall and […]

Attack of the clones – common designs and common websites

I have watched the evolution of website design for over 15 years from simple text and link based sites to Flash based monsters to the light airy Html 5 ones of today. I am thrilled with the technology development and the way site scripting has evolved. jQuery and HTML 5 have taken our old friend DHTML […]