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There’s more to life than 1’s and 0’s – Sheetal Goel

Apologies for disappearing after my debut article. I can make an excuse that I was unwell, that I was travelling, that workload didn’t permit me, etc. Or I can tell you the truth. I got a Blackberry. If you have one too, you’re probably sniggering or nodding your head in understanding. I mean, I’ve turned […]

Will social media sites replace Blogs, has Facebook killed the blog? Not likely.

A recent study done by Pew Research Centre titled Generations Online 2010 threw up a host of questions regarding the relevancy of the blog versus the new social mediums like Facebook and Twitter. Here is an excerpt from the study… Few of the activities covered in this report have decreased in popularity for any age group, […]

How to Link Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page Wall

We all must be having our personal account on Facebook where we update our status, share information, videos, links, and pictures with friends but when it comes to promote a product or service on Facebook, how are you going to do that???? That’s where Facebook has given us a facility where we can create an […]