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Re-inventing search engine optimization – an old new approach

A happier time. There was a happy time, a friendlier time, many many years ago when sex was dirty and the air was clean. It was also the time when search engine optimization was just a glint in google’s eye and lives of web designers was very simple. All we had to do was create […]

The future of SEO: Is Social Media Optimization a threat to Search Engine Optimization?

When I came into the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry I was crazy about Search Engine Optimization & I studied as much as I could about it. I was immensely lucky that I got the most open-minded boss possible, who always encouraged me and gave me the freedom to experiment. I learnt a lot┬áby experimenting […]

Solve Duplicate Content Issues by Using a Canonical Web Address

Duplicate content is having identical content on two or more pages on your site and it can harm your website rankings; here I will discuss how you can cope up with this to boost your ranking in Google. The most common problem – and These two pages are having same content but are […]