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The future of SEO: Is Social Media Optimization a threat to Search Engine Optimization?

When I came into the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) industry I was crazy about Search Engine Optimization & I studied as much as I could about it. I was immensely lucky that I got the most open-minded boss possible, who always encouraged me and gave me the freedom to experiment. I learnt a lot by experimenting […]

Worried about Bounce Rate of your website?

Image by dannysullivan via This is the question most of the people are worried about, how to reduce the bounce rate of the website when the website gets ready, we all get into promoting it, submit to directories, link building, and share it on bookmarking, social networking to get more traffic. Soon we realise that even […]

How to Link Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page Wall

We all must be having our personal account on Facebook where we update our status, share information, videos, links, and pictures with friends but when it comes to promote a product or service on Facebook, how are you going to do that???? That’s where Facebook has given us a facility where we can create an […]