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Why asking for design concepts before the project is awarded is not a good idea.

We frequently get requests from prospective customers for presenting design options before the project/ contract has been awarded to us. They call it proof of concepts and use them to decide a vendor. We do not encourage this practise at all, although if the client is important and the contract large, we have been known […]

Why India is such an excellent destination for website design and pitfalls to watch for.

My latest article on why i think India is a great destination to outsource webdesign services. But there are some cautions also thrown in there. View the article here: Cheers, Ron

How to convey your ideas and not confuse your web designer

You’ve finalized the deliverables and fixed the costs. Now its time to get cracking. You will want your web designer to translate your vision into a website. You start out with a verbal brief, conveying your ideas and vision. The designer comes back after a few days but the designs are just not upto the […]

A Holistic Approach to Web Design

Nowadays a Holistic approach has become very popular where doctors not only treat the symptom but also the entire body, mind and soul. Its acknowledgement of the fact that the overall well being contributes greatly to the health of an individual. For many years now we have being websites for clients and were quite happy doing […]

Web design prefection versus going online quickly

We are known for our web designs but sometimes we encounter clients who are minutely fastidious about their website designs. They agonize for weeks over a colour or a font and fine tune each and every part of it. Although our clients pleasure is our business I do wonder if it would be more prudent […]