Website Planning

An important component of creating a successful website is the planning process. Planning is important in order to save time and money in the actual development process. This is especially true when it comes to larger websites such as ecommerce sites, web applications or portals.

Website planning involves:

  • Determining the scope of the website
  • Determining the functionality of the website
  • Creating a briefing document and a RFQ document for vendors.
  • Creating a checklist for all aspects of the website's work.
  • Creating a project plan.

A systematic approach to website planning will also help you appoint the correct vendor for each deliverable as well as budget adequately for those hidden costs that might come up later.

What we can do for you:

  • Sit down with your team and understand the project requirements
  • Draw up the appropriate documents to send to prospective
  • Advise you on selection of vendors and job allocation.

What Does a Website Plan Contain?

A website plan will contain three main areas of information

  1. a. Features / Deliverables
  2. b. Timeline / Schedules
  3. c. Costs / Resources

Each area will contain information designed to concentrate your attention on the most important aspects of the project. Ultimately any web project plan will come down to the above three areas in one form or the other. We go right to the hear t of the matter without wasting time.

Having the plan is only the beginning but it gives you the answers you need before you start.

A plan does not automatically translate into a successful project but as the saying goes 'Well begun is half done.' For many business owners it is difficult to find the right questions let alone the right answers. We give you both.

Why should you pay for the planning process when a web designer can do it without one?

Most web designers will take a very narrow focused approach to the website, namely the part they are being paid for. But there are so many areas which need to be considered that a normal web designer will not include. A little known fact is that a website project would require many offline resources aside from the online ones. A good website plan will take into consideration all the logistic possibilities that might be required in the course of development and after launch as well.