Website Redesign

A little known fact is that like many other systems a website also needs to be periodically redesigned and revamped. This is because many parts of the system such as technology, security, design and functionality can quickly get outdated. At the pace at which online technology is growing this is even more accelerated.

When is a website revamp necessary?

  • The site's design has become obsolete and looks old especially in comparison to competitor websites
  • The site's technology is old and does not take advantage of the latest advances in online technology.
  • The site's security is compromised and needs an overhaul to protect against hackers, spammers and malicious viruses.
  • The site was not well constructed from the beginning and the mistakes can no longer be tolerated in these highly competitive times.

We can review your current site (audit), suggest appropriate measures and then revamp the entire site's design and functionality.

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