Website ROI Analysis

Do you have a well designed site on which you have spent a considerable sum but does not seem to be paying off. It generates very few enquiries, almost no sales or interest at all. Does this happen even if you are getting a good number of visitors? Its time you do an ROI analysis of your website.

What does an ROI analysis consist of?

  • Analysis of the content of your website as regards to the overall goals of the site
  • Looks for any disconnect between the sites projected message and customer needs.
  • Check whether you are receiving the correct qualified traffic to your site instead of spam visitors.
  • Checks for content which might be putting off visitors.
  • Traces the visitor's route on your site to analyze why interest does not convert to enquiries. Where are visitors dropping out?

It all comes down to whether your website is aimed at the correct set of customers and whether it appeals to them as consumers. The best design and technology will not help if the site is incorrectly focused on the wrong assumptions.

What we can do for you:

  • Analyze the sites statistics and traffic pattern
  • Analyze the sites value proposition and its appeal to consumers
  • Check the marketing effort for efficacy and effectiveness.
  • Recommend changes and corrections in overall strategy and tactical marketing.