A career as a web design professional in India. List of web design courses and institutes in India.
Posted on 13th June 2011

As a web design professional who runs a web design firm I interview lots of youngsters applying for web design and development related jobs. Overall I am not very satisfied with the quality of web design training in India. However going into a debate about the quality of web design training in India would take another fifty posts and I?ll save it for another day. However I got curious about what courses are available today.

Thanks to the hard work of our intern Ms.Pratibha Suyal a list of web design courses and institutes has been compiled.

So here are the Web Design Courses & Institutes in India in no particular order. Please read the Disclaimer to ensure that their are no misunderstandings later.


Work Station Computer Education

  • It is a division of Tasaa Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Established in August 1997.
  • They provide application courses in the field of Print Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Editing , Composition & Special Effects, Web Designing and Programming Engineering & manufacturing architectural design.
  • It has centers in Pune and Mumbai.
  • Students get certificate after completing the course.

Website: http://www.the-workstation.net/

Email: wks@tasaa.com, query@tasaa.com

Web Designer : Software Photoshop, HTML, dHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, GIF.
Web Shock : Drawing principles, Story boarding, Character generation, Flash Animation, Interactivity, Sound, and Publishing. Duration 80 hrs.
E commerce : HTML, JavaScript, CSS either with ASP, VB Script, MS SQL and IIS or PERL/CGI, Apache and My SQL. Duration 120 hrs.
JavaScript: Basics of OOPs, advanced effects, Calculators, Timers, Customized menus, Cookies & Dhtml.
Flash Scripting : Feedback Forms, Mouse Trailers, Quiz Contest, Date & Time, Object Color, Mouse Cursor & Sound, Hit Game. Duration 60 hrs.
Aditional: Programming & Server courses including Java, MS Server[NT,IIS], Linux, Apache.


Compufield Computer Institute

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute.
  • Working since 1985.
  • Centers: Bandra(W) & Andheri(W).

Website: http://www.compufield.com/

Email: compufield@yahoo.com, compufield@gmail.com

Web Designing Courses:

Certificate in Web Development PHP, MYSQL, Joomla
Certificate in Web 2.0 Technology AJAX, XML & XLST, JavaScript & JSON
Diploma in Web 2.0 Technology PHP, MYSQL, Joomla, AJAX, XML & XSLT, JavaScript & JSON
LAMP Linux, Apache, PHP, MySql
Search Engine Optimization How to make website attractive, keywords, usability of different search engines available, how to register your URL, mass E-mailing.

Web 2.0 Courses:

Certificate in web designing Adobe Photoshop, Xhtml & CSS, Adobe Dreamwaver, Internet Technology
Diploma in Web Designing Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Internet Technology, xHTML & CSS.
Diploma in Adobe Flash Adobe Flash(Introduction)
Flash Actionscript Level 2 Introduction to ActionScript 3.0,
Using and Writing Functions, Responding to Events, Understanding Classes, Decision-Making and Repetition, Creating a Memory Game, Using Advanced Graphic and Animation Tools, Working with Multimedia. Advanced Interactivity.
Diploma in Flash Actionscript Flash, Objects and Classes, Reusable Code, Games and Sprites, Adding Sound to Flash, Working with Multimedia, Responding to Events, C & C++ (Basics), Adding Advanced Interactivity.
Certificates in Adobe Softwares Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, HTML, Adobe Dreamwaver, Adobe Premiere Pro
Diploma in Adobe Sofwares Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Flash, Flash Action Script, Adobe Premiere Pro, Xhtml & CSS, Adobe Dreamwaver, Adobe Dreamwaver Database
Certificate in Web Designing Adobe Photoshop, Xhtml & CSS, Adobe Dreamwaver, Internet Technology
Flash & Actionscript Animated Graphics, Animation for Web, Interactive Elements


Diploma in Web Design, Ecommerce & Global Marketing Corel IDRAW
Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Action Script, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Dreamwaver, Internet Technology, Internet Global Marketing, Php & Mysql+ C& C++(basic).
Dual Diploma Pro In Web Technology & Multimedia Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Flash Action Script, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Sound Forge, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro Xhtml &CSS, Adobe Dreamwaver, Internet Technology, Internet global Marketing, PHP & Mysql C & C++ (basic)
Web Technology & Multimedia Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Action Script, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Dreamwaver, Internet Technology, Internet Global Marketing Php & MySql+ C & C++ (basic)
Dual Diploma in Web Technology & Multimedia(Pro) Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Action Script, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Sound Forge, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Dreamwaver, Xhtml & CSS, Internet Technology, Internet Global Marketing Php & MySql+ C & C++ (basic)



Karmik Institute

  • Karmick Institute is a Kolkata based training institute.
  • They offer four training courses to our students:Web Designing, ASP.NET, PHP/MySQL and Testing/QA.
  • Students work on Live projects of Karmik Solution Pvt Ltd Company.
  • Institute certification for students.
  • Centers in Kolkata and New Jersey.

Website: http://www.karmickinstitute.com/

Email: enquiry@karmickinstitute.com

Web Design Course Content And Structure

Level 1 Website layout creation using Photoshop,
Logo design for websites,
Introduction to HTML/CSS,
HTML tags,
CSS properties,
Webpage coding using HTML & CSS,
Webpage coding using DIV & CSS2,
XHTML rules, W3C validation & browser ,compatibility,
Basics of JavaScript,
Web 2.0 design guideline.
Level 2 The Flash tools panel,
Importing and using graphics,
Using text (static, dynamic & input),
Layering Flash elements, layer folders,
Using color effectively and creating a color swatch,
Working with symbols, libraries, and instances,
Fill Techniques,
Flash Vector Illustration,
Graphic, button and movie clip symbols,
Principles of Animation,
Motion tweening,
Using motion guides,
Masking techniques,
Shape tweening,
Fading Text,
Introduction to action script,
Action script in Buttons, movie clip, frame
Techniques for optimizing movies,
Creating custom cursor, scrollbar, loading text dynamically,
Website intro & header design using Flash,
Using Sound (play/pause/stop).
Level 3 On-going international projects.



St Angeloes Computer Ltd

  • Established in 1993.
  • Has their center in Mumbai, Pune and Thane, Navi Mumbai.

Website: http://www.saintangelos.com/web_software_engineering.html

Email: ifo@saintangelos.com

Web and Software engineering.

Module Content
Module 1 : Diploma in Web Programming HTML/DHTML
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Assignments & Project
Module 2 : Core Programming, System Analysis & Design C Programming (Including PLT)
C++ Programming
Systems Analysis and Design (SAD)
Assignments & Project
Module 3 : Java Specialist Core Java
Advance Java (RMI, Servlets & JSP)
Assignments & Project
Module 4 : .NET Specialist SQL Server
Assignments & Project



TGC animation and multimedia

  • TGC, an ISO 9001:2000 company, incorporated as digital design institute since 2000.
  • TGC is tied up with UGC approved Punjab Technical University & Manomanian Sundernar University to provide Degree programmes to its students in Multimedia and Animation art.
  • Centers: New Delhi (3),Gwalior, Bangalore, Chennai, Trichy

Website: http://www.tgcindia.com

Email: info@tgcindia.com

Advanced Certification in Web Design & Interactive Multimedia

Module Content
Illustrations & Web Imaging Site Navigation Types
Creating web illustrations
Typography for Web, layout, templates
Slicing the templates
Good design vs. Bad Design
Optimizing graphics and images
Core Web Design and Connectivity HTML/DHTML & HTML Editor tools,
Advanced Style Sheets (CSS) techniques,
Creating DIV based tableless websites,
Web 2.0 & 3.0 standards,
Forms and validations,Java Script,
Database connectivity(PHP overview),
Testing and Maintaining a website,FTP.
Interactive Multimedia and Web Marketing Creating E-greetings,
animated banners and other web components,
Creating contents for the E-learning,
Advanced Action Script 2.0 & 3.0,
Search engine optimization,
PPC and PageRank,
Web marketing,
Troubles shoot.
Portfolio Design Creating a number of Web templates with international look and feel.
Completly done website designs and hosting them on TGC web server.
Creating Flash website mockups.
Creating Animated E-presentations.
Java Script templates.
Tableless website templates.
Forms with submission examples.
Creating a portfolio template.
Design showcase.
Portfolio show.



Edit Institute

  • Their courses include implementation of latest concepts ? social media design, online ad designs; latest technologies ? XML, FBML, PHP
  • Edit?s students have been placed in Birla Associates, School Net India Ltd., CNBC, Lycos Asia, LNT ITL, ONGC, Reliance, Godrej, Hungama.com, Rediff.com, Star TV, Ebay.com, Kanbay, Cybage, Aptara Corporation, IL&FS, Lion Bridge, Sharekhan.com, Dunn & Bradstreet etc.
  • Centers: Mumbai (Dadar (W),Andheri (W), Thane (W), Dombivali (E), Vashi, Opera House) & Pune (Mahatma Gandhi Road, Law College Road)

Website: http://www.edit.co.in/courses.html

Email: learn@edit.co.in

Web Designing With Social Media And Online Marketing

Web Start Introduction to Web Media
Design Principles (basic)
Design Principles for Web
Web Project Prepare Photoshop
Flash & Flash Scripting
Web Project Complete New Trends in Web Technology
Web Project
Evaluation & Placement




  • Is a part of Aptech
  • MAAC is India?s leader in high-end 3D animation & VFX education
  • Centers: Andheri (W), Andheri (E), Navi Mumbai

Website: http://www.maacindia.com/Courses.aspx?eid=2

Email: info@maacmail.com

Graphic and Web design Course

Semester Content
Graphic Genius(Sem1) Fundamentals of Drawing
Concepts of Graphics & Illustration
Corel Draw
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Concepts of Advertising
Adobe Indesign
Softwares Covered:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Corel Draw
Web Wizard(Sem2) Concepts of Web Designing
HTML/ Java
Flash: Rich Content Creation
Interactive Design
Animation In Flash
Sound Editing
Softwares covered
HTML/ Java
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Flash



Practical Creative Media Education

  • Was set up in October 1976 by engineer/producer Tom Misner.
  • International online Institute.
  • Provides Online course certificate to students.
  • Centers: Bangalore, Chennai/Madras, Mumbai, New Delhi

Website: http://www.sae.edu/en-gb/course/452/Web_Design_and_Multimedia

Email: oxford@sae.edu

Web Design + Multimedia Diploma Create and manipulate 2D & 3D graphics, to author CD-ROMs & DVDs, and to design & develop websites and web applications.
Web Design + Multimedia Degree Delivering the ideal balance of practical, technological and theoretical learning, develop and manage the commercially and socially compelling web and multimedia products.
Web Design + Multimedia Degree Great flexibility and knowledge of the industry.




  • Centers: All over India
  • NIIT certification for students.

Course content:

Swift-designing website made easy Creating Web Pages and Enhancing Web Pages
Designing a Site
Connecting Web Pages
Working with Images
Creating Tables and Frames
Introduction to style sheets
Working with forms
Creating Shapes and Working with Colors
Inserting Text
Using Layers
Introducing Animation and Templates
Associating sound in Flash
Uploading a Web site




  • 14 years of experience, 250000 students trained till now.
  • A part of Aptech.
  • Certification of Arena is given to the student.
  • Course is divided into 2 semesters.
  • It has its centers all over India.

Website: http://www.arena-multimedia.com/courses/web-designing.html

Email: customercare@aptech.ac.in, arena@aptech.ac.in

Semester I Certificate in Graphics Design Tools/ modules
Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations Adobe Photoshop CS 4
Digital Design Adobe Illustrator CS 4
Basic Art CorelDRAW X4
Creating Illustrations  
Print Design ? Composition & Layout  
Design Portfolio  
Semester II Certificate in Web Design Tools/ modules
Concepts of Interface & Interactive Design HTML
Designing Concepts for Websites Dreamweaver CS4
Web Designing Flash CS4
Web Weaver JavaScript
Web Graphics & Animation  
Web Scripting & Interactivity  
Developing Interactive Web Pages  
Web Portfolio  



CABA Innovative

  • Established in 1994.
  • Avails Institution certificates to student.
  • Centers in North India(Gurgaon).

Website: http://www.cabainnovatives.com/

Email: study@cabainnovatives.com

6 Months Diploma in Web Design & Web Hosting Course

Semester Content
1. Desktop Designing and Imaging Corel Draw
Corel Paint
Photo Shop
Image Ready
Scanning Under PhotoShop
2. Web Designing and Hosting Microsoft FrontPage
Adobe Dream Weaver with CSS
Web Hosting on Live Servers with FTP
Adobe Flash with Action Scripting
3 Project and Portfolio



Website Designing Institution.co.in

  • Established in 2006, It is a company(part of business world) that teaches you web designing
  • Centers in Delhi. Gurgaon, Noida

Website: http://www.websitedesigninginstitute.co.in

Web Designing (4 months)

Course Content Introduction to Internet and Web
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Markup Languages
Web Hosting
Expertise in Adobe Dreamweaver
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Creating Your Website
Other Website Designing Tools



Disclaimer: The information displayed here has been picked up from the websites of the respective institutes to provide a snapshot of overall training options in India. Details including fees and curriculum might vary over time and is subject to changes from the institute. MiracleworX is also not liable for any losses, damages or fraud that might occour due to enrollment in any of the institutes listed above. MiracleworX is providing this information in good faith as a listing only and has no tie-ups with any of these institutes. Usage of this information is at your own risk.

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