How to Link Your Blog Posts to Your Facebook Fan Page Wall
15th July 2010

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We all must be having our personal account on Facebook where we update our status, share information, videos, links, and pictures with friends but when it comes to promote a product or service on Facebook, how are you going to do that????

That's where Facebook has given us a facility where we can create an identity for our brandon Facebook and promote it on Facebook through ads, word of mouth and the good part is that we can add as many fans on Facebook page as we want whereas in personal account we cannot add more than 5000 friends apart from it, Facebook pages are search engine friendly if the page becomes popular then it can be seen on search engine results as well.

After creating the page for your brand you can link it to your blog by taking the following steps -

Go to your Facebook fan page, click on edit button below your profile picture.

edit page

After clicking on edit page you will get the below page


Go to Notes - click on edit, there you will get an option Subscribe to these Notes, put your blog address or RSS and your done. Now whenever you post something on your blog it will get updated on your Facebook fan page and can reach to your millions of fans.

If you are interested in knowing more about social media promotion or you want to promote your brands through social media you can contact us on

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