Blog Sourcing - Getting your customers/users to write your blog.
14th February 2011

A service I subscribe to with hundreds of book lovers sent me a lovely mail very nicely asking me to contribute to their blog. Of course this was sent to all their customers. They requested for any kind of contribution - like book reviews, your favorite books and your experiences as a reader. As a fan of the site, regular subscriber and book lover I was thrilled to receive this invite.  I'll make the time to contribute and I'm sure as will many others.

That brings us to this concept - Blog Sourcing, asking customers/users to contribute to your blog.

How does it work

  1. Firstly you need to have a largish user/client base and a lot of goodwill in it. Pissed of customers don't make the happiest bloggers.
  2. Setup a independent email address where people can send their blog entries (giving everyone a login to the blog might not be feasible).
  3. Let everyone know about it.
  4. Promptly review and post suitable entries to the blog.  
  5. Encourage the regulars with some form of reward or encouragement.

There you have it - a solution to keeping your blog busy and interesting as well as making customers very very happy and engaged!!

Check out this crowd sourced blog at (Its just starting up though).


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