Blogs are a good alternative for those who cannot afford professional websites
22nd February 2011

A part of being a professional design firm is turning down prospects who do not have sufficient budgets for professional web design. For those people we recommend a quick and easy way to get online using Blogs. Many blogging platforms are easy to setup and use and come with tons of plugins (add on programs to supplement the blogs functionality) and themes (page designs which can be quickly implemented).

Main differences between a blog and a professionally designed website

Blogs Professionally Designed Websites
  • A blog's structure is not very customizable and follows a set pattern.
  • Although some professionally designed blog templates are beautiful there are limits to how much a blog can be customized
  • A blog post if chronologically setup i.e. the latest entry goes on top and the older ones are archived.
  • To add features to a blog program you need to install plugins, basically small programs that need to be added on.
  • You can start and run a blog without much technical knowledge as the blog websites have simple interfaces which do everything for you.
  • A blog from any of the online blog providers comes with a non-domain name url e.g. or
  • A professionally designed website has not restrictions on structure or design and is shaped by the web designer as per the clients requirements.
  • A web designer can implement any kind of technology he wishes without being restricted to a set group of programs.
  • The web pages are not in any chronological order and access dependents on the menu system installed.
  • Unlike a blog a professional website takes time to design and implement and is highly customized.
  • A professional website is built around a domain name such as

So if you're ever on a tight budget and short on time as well a blog can be of great use but nothing beats a beautifully designed professional website aimed at your specific business needs and functionality.


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