Book Reco: Built to Sell by John Warrillow A must read for small business owners including web design agencies and other creative firms
23rd July 2011

Absolutely loved it!! Its quite rare to come across a business book that grabs my interest and keeps it there like a racy thriller, but this one does just that. I practically read the whole book in a day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

"Built to Sell" by John Warrillow is the story of a owner of a small creative agency and his struggle to transform his business into a sale-worthy one.   The narrative is in an interesting second person format rather than the tell-you-what-to-do types of most common business books. Thats makes an interesting read and you find yourself identifying with the hero of the book.

You take a journey with the protaganist as he works step by step to change his business and his mindset (which is the most difficult thing) and how he succeeds to finally make it to a life of freedom. And that essentially is what the promise of this book is - Freedom, freedom for small business owners.

Although I am not personally planning to sell my business, I do want it to be run by professional managers independent of myself and start more businesses. This book is a wake up call for me as it will be for all readers.

I would put this book at par or even better than Micheal Gerber's E-myth Revisited, and highly recommend it for small business owners, creative agency owners and other entrepreneurs struggling to outgrow their businesses.

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P.S: As a sidenote the author, John, was kind enough to promptly respond to my email about the book and that made my day. We expect many more such great books from him.

P.P.S: Since all of Micheal Gerber's subsequent books have all been crap, there is a vacuum that John can and should fill in this niche.

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