Book Reco: Fifth Wave Leadership by Morris R. Shectman
29th November 2013

fifthwave Its not often that you come across a book on psychology that is easy to read and meaningful to the average person. I picked up Shectman's Fifth Wave Leadership wondering if I would have the strength to read it through but I was pleasantly surprised by the easy language, simple explanations and very interesting concepts.

As an entrepreneur, personal growth is very very important. This book has a concept called, 'familiars', basically feeling places we all withdraw to when we encounter something we don't like or when we get stuck. What I loved about the 'familiars' concept was the simplicity and how it could be applied immediately to your life. Its' a wonderful tool to break unproductive patterns of behaviour or thought.

Overall the writing is clear, easy to understand with many examples. Although you do need a little patience to read through all the exercises and work that the author asks you to do but the results are worth it.

This book has helped me to go to a much stronger place mentally and hope it works for you as well.


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