Book Reco - How to Get Lucky by Max Gunther
Posted on 17th December 2015

luckyAnyone who has been a student of business and success knows the importance of success. Luck can make you or break you. No amount of knowledge or skill can help you if your luck is not good. For most of us, luck seems to be an unfathomable uncontrollable phenomenon.

However there are people who have studied the role of lucky and have realized that although you cannot control luck, you can position yourself to be luckier! Improve the odds per se.

Author Max Gunther's 'How to Get Lucky' is a classic that in simple and easy language tells us how to improve your chances of? getting lucky. The 13 techniques he outlines in his book are simple, practical and easy to follow but can have a dramatic impact on your life.

Although there is not magic formula or anything dramatically new its worth a read.? As a student of luck and success I whole heartedly recommend this book. I definitely enjoyed reading it.

Good Luck!

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