Book Reco - Peaks & Valleys, Making Good Times Work for You - At Work and In Life by Spencer Johnson
11th July 2013

peaks-valleysI am normally quite sceptical about these small parable books that try and give life lessons in small bite size chunk. I feel normally to absorb a new learning you need to study and immerse yourself in it. However I found Peaks and Valleys to be quite refreshingly original.

As the title suggests, ?Peaks & Valleys - Making Good Times Work for You - At Work and In Life? , its all about dealing with the ups and downs of life. The narration is straight forward and simple. The story is conveyed from the point of view of a young man searching for answers getting sage advise from an experienced wiser older man. Self help bread and butter stuff really.

This book somehow really resonated with me probably because I was also wondering about the ups and downs of life. A major epiphany was the realization that our ups and downs are so connected. Its a cycle with each influencing the next. A natural process of life.

Major takeaway from the book - Prepare for the valleys in the good times and planned action towards the peak in the bad times.

Overall an excellent book with lovely insights put in a surprisingly simple way.


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