Book Reco: 'Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing' by George Cloutier
5th October 2012

This book is a swift kick in the backside for all entrepreneurs and business people

When I picked up this book and briefly flipped through it I was struck by the brusque no nonsense tone of the writing. I avoided reading it for a few days thinking that I don't want to read anything negative. But eventually when I did pick it up to read I could'nt keep it down. The author is no nonsense with a capital N. The book is packed with anecdotes and advise much of which goes against the fluffy management wisdom floating around today. Reading this book is a little like having the the little boy in the emperors new clothes story pointing at you and you are the emperor! You cannot hide from the truth.

The author talks about the truth which many entrepreneurs and businessmen are loathe to admit - if you want to run a successful business, you have to dedicate your life to it! No half measures will do. He advises business owners to have a laser sharp focus on the business and more importantly put in the hours i.e. if you want to be successful. Although his advise is directed mostly to American companies, the underlying ideas and suggestions are applicable to anywhere in the world. For example, his advise to stop wasting time golfing, could be replaced with your own favorite pass time.

If you are tired of the warm fuzzy business books that get you nowhere than this book is the answer. This book's a monster, it will push you to the floor and give you a few swift kicks. But when you manage to get up, you will smarter, wiser and a lot less deluded.

Wholeheartedly recommend it.


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