Book Reco - The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Posted on 14th February 2014

the_slight_edge_bookThis book is like picking up a no-nonsense manual for success. Its central premise is that small things done every day have an incremental effect which over time adds up to huge success. And it is hard to argue with the authors logic. Starting with the power of the compounding effect, the author takes us on a journey to create the slight edge in our lives.

What will forever stick with me is this simple formula for success?

Show Up

Show Up with a positive attitude

Show Up with a positive attitude over a long period of time.

Simple but beautiful. This book takes a no-nonsense common sense approach to getting things done in your life. It advises against the big bang over night success theories and recommends a simple and straightforward approach.

Highly recommended for those still waiting for success!! Maybe you have been looking at it the wrong way.

Happy Reading,



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