Book Reco: Fifth Wave Leadership by Morris R. Shectman
29th November 2013   |   Books

Its not often that you come across a book on psychology that is easy to read and meaningful to the average person. I picked up Shectman's Fifth Wave Leadership wondering if I would have the strength to read it through but I was pleasantly surpr...

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Book Reco - Peaks & Valleys, Making Good Times Work for You - At Work and In Life by Spencer Johnson
11th July 2013   |   Books

I am normally quite sceptical about these small parable books that try and give life lessons in small bite size chunk. I feel normally to absorb a new learning you need to study and immerse yourself in it. However I found Peaks and Valleys to...

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Why I donated ALL my books to
7th March 2013   |   Books

Yup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection...

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Book Reco: Understanding Micheal Porter by Joan Magretta
13th February 2013   |   Books

Micheal Porter is a legend in the field of competition and strategy and every business student will have read all about his five forces at some point or the other. However Micheal Porter is never light reading and his work can be intimidating for ...

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Book Review: The Wave Rider by Ajit Balakrishnan
16th January 2013   |   Books

When I worked at from early 1998 to mid 2002, Ajit Balakrishnan (AB as we affectionately called him) was my boss's boss's boss. I was very junior at that time and remember looking at AB with awe and fear. Although I never knew him wel...

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Book Reco: 'Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing' by George Cloutier
5th October 2012   |   Books

This book is a swift kick in the backside for all entrepreneurs and business people When I picked up this book and briefly flipped through it I was struck by the brusque no nonsense tone of the writing. I avoided reading it for a few days thinking...

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Book Reco - 'Never Eat Alone' by Keith Ferrazzi - A wakeup call for all business owners and entrepreneurs
24th August 2012   |   Books

As the daily grind of business and work carries on, many of forget the most critical part of our success - our network. In the begining we tend to it with great enthusiasm. But as the business picks up and we get busy, this aspect tends to get negl...

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When small changes can make big impacts - 'Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard' by Chip and Dan Heath
20th March 2012   |   Books

To be honest I was a bit sceptical when I picked up this book, thinking it would be just another management how-to. However I was pleasantly surprised to find it very interesting with a lot of food for thought. I love books that make you think coun...

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Start With Why by Simon Sineck - I'll tell you why you should buy this book!
13th January 2012   |   Books

I have been wanting to get my hands on the book by Simon Sineck (of Ted Talks fame) - 'Start with Why'. I finally managed to get a copy and was not disappointed. Simon's lucid and clear style of writing and explaining of intellectual concepts was ...

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Jim Collins does it again - the brilliant 'Great by Choice' is highly recommended for all entrepreneurs.
8th November 2011   |   Books

There is something about a Jim Collin's book that is spell binding. His writing style that combines real world examples with common business principles simply makes his books impossible to put down. What I love about 'Great by Choice' is there are ...

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