By Invitation - Dr. Malpani - What I want from my webmaster.
4th February 2011

Dr.MalpaniDr.Aniruddha Malpani of the world renowned Malpani Infertility Clinic is a long standing client and mentor to us at MiracleworX. His website  is one of the most visited Infertility and IVF related sites in the world. He has kindly lent us his valuable time to talk about his expectations from a webmaster.

In his own words:

My website is the global face of our clinic. I take it very seriously, because we treat patients from all over the world and our website is the first point of contact for all our patients.   It?s crucial to our success and our   webmaster plays a key role in our business !

I need a webmaster who understands the importance of a website in our business - someone who does not see himself as just a web designer, but rather as a business partner who can help us to grow.

Here?s my wish list for a perfect web designer/ webmaster.

  • His competence and efficiency is taken for granted - but I am a premium client, and want to be treated as one. I am willing to pay the additional premium, and I want someone who understands the importance of keeping me happy !
  • I want someone who will extend my horizons - someone who will push me to explore new digital technologies and will keep me on my toes. I?d like someone who comes up with new ideas - and encourages me to explore them.
  • I want someone who understands that I am a professional and that I am investing my hard earned money in my website - someone who will do their best to maximize my ROI.
  • I want someone who makes me happy to work with him - someone who is willing to listen to my suggestions as to what he can do to improve the quality of services he provides to me.
  • I expect him to grow   and keep up with the new technologies - so that as he grows , so will our website ! I want someone who is willing to partner with other web companies, who have complementary skill sets, so he can provide a more exciting range of services.
  • I want someone who is willing to put in the effort to be a "one-stop shop" for me, so I do not have to talk to many service providers about my digital presence
  • I need quick replies   and a fast turnaround time. If my website is down , this is an emergency - and I need a quick response and a fast fix ! I want someone who will monitor my website uptime - and will fix problems if they arise by talking to my web hosting company.
  • I want someone who will take a proactive role in helping me to reach out to more patients ! He will teach me about Web 2.0; social media; facebook ads and google adwords, so I can explore these additional avenues.
  • I want someone who has a ticketing system to log in complaints - and provide me a with a timeline in which they will be fixed !
  • I want someone who is customer centric. As a doctor, I am in the service business and am intensely focused on what I can do to help my patients. I want someone who treats me exactly the way I treat my patients - with respect ; and the assurance that I will get the full attention of a consummate professional, who will give me value for money !

 - Dr.Aniruddha Malpani
Malpani Infertility Clinic


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