By Invitation - The new (online) world order - Sheetal Goel
3rd March 2011

I have the pleasure of introducing a great friend and colleague of mine, Ms.Sheetal Goel. She has years of experience working in the online as well as the ad world.   Combined with  her  natural flair and naughty sense of humour she gives us a unique perspective on the online world. Although currently on a sabbatical she has generously agreed to contribute to this blog regularly and I am happy to have her   on - by invitation.

In her words?.

Even to a digital marketing novice (for want of a better word) like myself, the concept of an independent website for promoting a kids' bookstore sounded like an archaic idea. So when an ex-client of mine asked me to suggest a site designer to design a 'cheap n cheerful' option, because 'you know, we need to have a website, hai na?', my first reaction (in my head, of course!) was, "Errr?.you're nuts man!"

Why? Consider this!

Every mama who's ever bought anything from that bookstore is on their email list. It's safe to assume that all these net-savvy mamas also have Facebook accounts. I mean, even people's pets are on Facebook these days, for chrissake! Why not have a Facebook page for your store and get your customers to 'like' it? You've got a ready audience for all your updates, offers and contests. On the other hand, why do you think these people are ever going to visit your website separately more than once?

If you DO want a place of your own on the web, why a static website? You're not selling anything online or anything, then what purpose does a website serve? Why not something more lively, like a blog?

The options are limitless, and small businesses can do a lot with the right mix of tools that the web offers us today. And at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it in the real world.

Unfortunately, most people still see their web as a place to replicate their business with an online avatar, and stop at that!

Meanwhile, a brand like MTV India has got into the fray early on, and is harnessing the Internet to make its brands BIGGER than ever, with awe-inspiring results! More on that soon?.

Till then, I'm waiting for the bookstore lady to get back on my online branding proposal, which has a lot of big words like RSS feeds, Tweets, FB page, Blogs and so on?.

It's been a week. Guess I shouldn't hold my breath!


- Sheetal Goel

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