Calling all Web Developers - Seminar on Indian Cyber Law & Role of Web Professionals
11th December 2012

The Digital & Internet Marketing Active Group is organizing a seminar on  Indian Cyber Law & Role of Web Professionals.

Date : 22nd December 2012 - Saturday - Morning. Registration is FREE.

Venue : AOTS, 3rd Floor, India Printing House,  No. 42, Dr. Ambedkar Marg, Mumbai - 400031

Land Mark : Near Wadala Ram Mandir, Near Wadala Depot  or Next to Wadala Telephone Exchange

The topics & speakers are as below.

1. Presentation by Adv. Prashant Mali ( Cyber Security & Cyber Law Expert) on Indian Cyber law & Web Professional's Responsibilities

It covers points such as

  • Domain Ownership
  • Source Code
  • Posting of content on Social Media on behalf of client
  • Contracts with client
  • Terms & Condition to protect our Interest
  • Software compliance etc.

2. Presentation on IPR & Web Professional's Responsibilities by Adv. Dipak Parmar

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Image Copyrights
  • Content copyright

And later we have Introduction of DIMAG along with Open discussion on

  • Emerging trends in the industry
  • Ethics & code of ethics in the industry
  • Price War
  • Sharing of experiences

The registration to seminar is free & compulsory.  For more details please visit

Please do spread the word around.


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