Delivery is priority no.1
4th December 2009

I've been in this business for a while now. Seen a lot of web design companies come and go and am still to see the maturity our industry desperately needs. Im of course talking about the web design industry in India.

Im still seeing clients getting screwed by unscrupulous vendors, fly by night operators and amateurs who hype their services but never deliver. And delivery is the most basic and lowest step of pleasing clients. Most vendors (I use the term loosely, most are not vendors) fall short of even this benchmark. I could tell you hundreds of stories of where clients have lost money and more valuable these days, time.

So what are we talking of? This ideal vendor of mine? If we break it down into steps its like this

Step 1: Promise within your means, refuse what you are not capable of.

Step 2: Deliver, deliver, deliver. A little late.. thats ok.. deliver. A little rough around the edges..thats ok...deliver.

Step 3: Work with the client to polish the product up AFTER you deliver.

Most clients today are so worried about web designers absconding with thier work unfinished and their advances lost that they will love you for got it.. delivering!! Sad but true.

In our industry, the web design industry, Quality, Reliabilty of products, Design and aethetics etc are secondary worries for our clients, will he or wont't he deliver is worry no. one.

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Thats it for now.

Me Out.

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He has been in the web development business for the almost two decades.He is a keen student of marketing and business development and writes regularly on web strategy and other related topics which is read and followed by many every month.

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