Do you know where your outsourced web design work is ending up - most of the times not with your original vendor
4th June 2012   |   Design

I received this mail today - without any context, introduction or how do you do. ---- Subject: Lets start work?. Hello, We want to give you projects that we get We will keep updating to those who replies to this email This is applicable only ...

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Crowd Sourcing Websites - A good idea or a waste of time and effort?
16th February 2012   |   Design

Recently we had a brush with crowd sourcing through a client. He needed a logo designed and wanted to try out the crowd sourcing option. Ultimately it did not work out and he gave the job to us to complete. But the whole experience got me thinking ...

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Evaluating the complexity of web project - what makes a website simple or complex?
19th December 2011   |   Design

During a recent meeting with a prospective client I made an off hand remark that the project we were discussing is around 6/10 in terms of complexity ( 1 being simple and 10 very complex). The gentleman immediately asked how I came to that figure b...

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What makes a good Web Designer? - Sonali Salvi
21st November 2011   |   Design

It was time for us to search for a designer who could think like us and deliver good designs. Test time for the shortlisted candidates threw light on one aspect strongly. What is "Design"? What is expected of a "Web Designer"? I started off in my ...

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Quick web design approvals. How to give & get appropriate feedback without destroying the design creative.
25th July 2011   |   Design

Have you ever sat through a meeting that resembled the Bingo Mad Angles commercial, where the obvious was overlooked and everyone was trying to prove their usefulness by giving bullshit feedback. Well, I have sat through enough of those to know tha...

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How much should a website cost? Making sense of the wide range of pricing for website design in India.
24th June 2011   |   Design

This is probably one of the most controversial posts I might make. But this question has been coming up with alarming regularity in one form or the other. Typical questions such as: Why is there so much difference in the prices quoted by diff...

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Do It Yourself website design or in-house web design rarely works out. Short terms gains but long term it costs you more.
4th June 2011   |   Design

A friend recently called me asking how much a programmer would charge per month to develop a site he wanted created for one of his businesses. Being on a low budget hecould not afford professional web design companies like us. Although I gave him t...

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Indian web designers should reclaim the high ground through best practices which do not come at the cost of innovation or creativity.
4th May 2011   |   Design

Whenever I discuss standards and best practices for web design companies in India I am greeted with the same refrain - web design companies are innovative and follow their own paths. The implication is that by applying standards somehow we will loo...

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Why India is such an excellent destination for website design and pitfalls to watch for.
30th March 2011   |   Design

My latest article on why i think India is a great destination to outsource webdesign services. But there are some cautions also thrown in there. View the article here: Cheers, Ron ...

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What We Believe - A Web Designer's Manifesto
28th February 2011   |   Design

I was struck by a brilliant presentation by Simon Sinek on how leadership is about who you aremore than what and how you create your product. View this brilliant presentation here -

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