How to convey your ideas and not confuse your web designer
11th February 2011   |   Design

You've finalized the deliverables and fixed the costs. Now its time to get cracking. You will want your web designer to translate your vision into a website. You start out with a verbal brief, conveying your ideas and vision. The designer com...

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By Invitation - Dr. Malpani - What I want from my webmaster.
4th February 2011   |   Design

Dr.Aniruddha Malpani of the world renowned Malpani Infertility Clinic is a long standing client and mentor to us at MiracleworX. His website  is one of the most visited Infertility and IVF related sites in the world. He ...

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Websites for startups - quality versus bootstrapping
24th June 2010   |   Design

To spend or not to spend?that is the question. A startup is on a tight budget with very limited resources. The future is uncertain and scary. So when the question comes to spending on a website most startup owners face a dilemma. It goes someth...

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How to brief your website designer / developer
3rd March 2010   |   Design

You like the portfolio and you love the work. You have decided to go ahead with the web design firm and have even agreed to the cost. Now comes the brief. You need to share your vision for the site with them. Help the web designer get into your hea...

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A Holistic Approach to Web Design
21st December 2009   |   Design

Nowadays a Holistic approach has become very popular where doctors not only treat the symptom but also the entire body, mind and soul. Its  acknowledgement of the fact that the overall well being contributes greatly to the health of an individ...

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Template websites, do they work?
15th December 2009   |   Design

Years ago when I used to work for I was in charge  of their template website department called Rediff Homepages. Basically what we provided was an a quick and simple way to set up  your website using a form driven interface wit...

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Delivery is priority no.1
4th December 2009   |   Design

I've been in this business for a while now. Seen a lot of web design companies come and go and am still to see the maturity our industry desperately needs. Im of course talking about the web design industry in India. Im still seeing clients gettin...

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Web design prefection versus going online quickly
3rd December 2009   |   Design

We are known for our web designs but sometimes we encounter clients who are minutely fastidious about their website designs. They agonize for weeks over a colour or a font and fine tune each and every part of it. Although our clients pleasure is ou...

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