Quick Reads: Some great posts and articles from across the web.
28th May 2013   |   home

Some cool and interesting articles I came across on my ramblings on the net. Enjoy. 10 Surprising Assertions From Elite Entrepreneurs Why Everyone Is an Entrepreneur Now Top 3 Shrewdest Business Moves The Myth of Content Marketing, the New SEO ...

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A simple but lovely example of online product customization
23rd May 2013   |   home

We come across all kinds of customization functions as we browse websites across the net. But thanks to a client we came across this lovely example of customization. The interface is simple, works beautifully and the most important thing in any cus...

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When 'startup' becomes a dirty word - why e-commerce websites are failing in a bad economy
15th May 2013   |   home

The news is grim for the e-commerce industry in India. Every day we hear about another e-commerce shop folding up. Those that are too big to close are laying off employees, a precursor to winding up. Its truly sad as the industry has a lot of ...

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Quick Reads � A collection of interesting posts I came across
25th April 2013   |   home

Some links to very interesting articles and posts I came across in my daily browsing. Enjoy. Online Store Razer Accidentally Posts 90%-Off Coupon - and Honors It Keyword-Driven Personas - Whiteboard Friday 16-Year-Old Me...

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Dealing with dinosaurs - why most Indian companies are still not ready for the new digital world
22nd April 2013   |   home

When I think of dinosaurs I think of slow, massive, lumbering beasts that went extinct thousands (maybe millions, forgive my lack of Jurassic knowledge) of years ago. Most Indian companies today seem like those dinosaurs - slow, lumbering giants, c...

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Amateur web designers are leaving clients high and dry - the solution - hire professionals
1st April 2013   |   home

Three cases recently highlighted the menace of amateur web designers and how they leave clients high and dry in spite of being paid. Case 1 : A good friend cannot access a wordpress website A good friend called recently asking if there was ...

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Determine the objectives before you begin any social media initiative.
26th March 2013   |   home

I recently had a conversation with a client who had hired a freelancer to manage their company?s social media initiative and when I say social media initiative i mean Facebook. As he explained to me that they had been posting regularly and were ...

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Instant website analysis - an off the cuff review of a prospective client website
19th March 2013   |   home

I received an unusual request today from a prospective client. Here it is in their own words... "We are keen to give a fresh look to our website. We would like to have give the freshness with a new domain name, logo, entire re-vamp of the site, as p...

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Dealing with fragmented data sources - a constant challenge for web designers
18th March 2013   |   home

Once a website is completed its practically a complete picture of the client?s business. Its a time capsule type snapshot of the company, its values, its products or services and all other related information. But getting together this information ...

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Why I donated ALL my books to librarywala.com
7th March 2013   |   home

Yup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to librarywala.com. Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection...

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