Explaining web marketing to a music composer - a unique perspective.
25th June 2013   |   Home

Recently was speaking to a friend who is a well-established music composer and something he said caught me by surprise. He asked, 'Aren't websites dead? Everything is on Facebook nowadays.' Aside from the fact that the statement kicks our busines...

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Quick Reads - A collection of interesting articles and links
20th June 2013   |   Home

On my wanderings on the net, came across these interesting articles and links. Winning at Their Own Game : The Business Benefits of Gamification The Building Blocks Behind Better Conversion Rates As Facebook grows up, grand ambitions get rea...

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The perils of going with a generic ready to use e-commerce solution.
11th June 2013   |   Home

Woke up today to the news of a major name in ready to use e-commerce websites has entered India. They now add their services to the already crowded market for one size fits all e-commerce solutions. The USP of these sites is that they allow any ven...

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Quick Reads: Some great posts and articles from across the web.
28th May 2013   |   Home

Some cool and interesting articles I came across on my ramblings on the net. Enjoy. 10 Surprising Assertions From Elite Entrepreneurs Why Everyone Is an Entrepreneur Now Top 3 Shrewdest Business Moves The Myth of Content Marketing, the New SEO ...

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A simple but lovely example of online product customization
23rd May 2013   |   Home

We come across all kinds of customization functions as we browse websites across the net. But thanks to a client we came across this lovely example of customization. The interface is simple, works beautifully and the most important thing in any cus...

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When 'startup' becomes a dirty word - why e-commerce websites are failing in a bad economy
15th May 2013   |   Home

The news is grim for the e-commerce industry in India. Every day we hear about another e-commerce shop folding up. Those that are too big to close are laying off employees, a precursor to winding up. Its truly sad as the industry has a lot of ...

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Quick Reads � A collection of interesting posts I came across
25th April 2013   |   Home

Some links to very interesting articles and posts I came across in my daily browsing. Enjoy. Online Store Razer Accidentally Posts 90%-Off Coupon - and Honors It Keyword-Driven Personas - Whiteboard Friday 16-Year-Old Me...

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Dealing with dinosaurs - why most Indian companies are still not ready for the new digital world
22nd April 2013   |   Home

When I think of dinosaurs I think of slow, massive, lumbering beasts that went extinct thousands (maybe millions, forgive my lack of Jurassic knowledge) of years ago. Most Indian companies today seem like those dinosaurs - slow, lumbering giants, c...

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Amateur web designers are leaving clients high and dry - the solution - hire professionals
1st April 2013   |   Home

Three cases recently highlighted the menace of amateur web designers and how they leave clients high and dry in spite of being paid. Case 1 : A good friend cannot access a wordpress website A good friend called recently asking if there was ...

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