Instant website analysis - an off the cuff review of a prospective client website
19th March 2013   |   Home

I received an unusual request today from a prospective client. Here it is in their own words... "We are keen to give a fresh look to our website. We would like to have give the freshness with a new domain name, logo, entire re-vamp of the site, as p...

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Dealing with fragmented data sources - a constant challenge for web designers
18th March 2013   |   Home

Once a website is completed its practically a complete picture of the client?s business. Its a time capsule type snapshot of the company, its values, its products or services and all other related information. But getting together this information ...

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Why I donated ALL my books to
7th March 2013   |   Home

Yup, all my books, about 150 of them, gone, donated to Its no secret that I am a big fan of their service and have been a regular subscriber for over 3 years now. So what were the reasons for letting go of my precious collection...

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Cool little mailer - very nice example of customization
6th March 2013   |   Home

Eloqua is always brilliant at content marketing. This little mailer I received really made me pause and smile and then I went through their offer. Notice our company and their company name on the tshirts along with the appropriate message. Al...

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Re-inventing search engine optimization - an old new approach
4th March 2013   |   Home

A happier time. There was a happy time, a friendlier time, many many years ago when sex was dirty and the air was clean. It was also the time when search engine optimization was just a glint in google's eye and lives of web designers was ver...

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The Content Development Culture - Creating the content rich organization.
20th February 2013   |   Home

A friend and client who recently took over as head of a large technology company recently wrote to me with the following: "I have found a lack of skills on content everywhere ? marketing creatives, sales collateral, product documentation, even on-...

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The Zen of Web Design from MiracleworX
18th February 2013   |   Home

The zen of web design miraclewor x from Ron Billimoria ...

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Book Reco: Understanding Micheal Porter by Joan Magretta
13th February 2013   |   Home

Micheal Porter is a legend in the field of competition and strategy and every business student will have read all about his five forces at some point or the other. However Micheal Porter is never light reading and his work can be intimidating for ...

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Applying Micheal Porter's Five Forces Model to the Web Design Industry
4th February 2013   |   Home

Micheal Porter's Five Forces industry analysis and strategy development is a staple in most business schools. Having come across it again in book I was reading I decided to apply it to our web design industry to see what kind of analysis we get. Th...

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Interesting presentation on the perils of content marketing.
31st January 2013   |   Home

An interesting presentation on the deluge of marketing content we are all exposed to. Enjoy. ...

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