Is your web designer like a bull dog? Tenacious and persistent?
21st January 2013   |   Home

What an odd question you might say, but after 15 years in this business, the one quality I would say that is the most important for any web designer especially in India is ? bull dog like persistence. Here are some of the challenges web desi...

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Quick Reads - A collection of interesting posts I came across in the last week.
21st January 2013   |   Home

Some links to very interesting articles and posts I came across in my daily browsing. Enjoy. 8 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven't Tried True professionals don't fear amateurs Content and commerce collide: is it harder for publishers or e-tai...

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Book Review: The Wave Rider by Ajit Balakrishnan
16th January 2013   |   Home

When I worked at from early 1998 to mid 2002, Ajit Balakrishnan (AB as we affectionately called him) was my boss's boss's boss. I was very junior at that time and remember looking at AB with awe and fear. Although I never knew him wel...

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E-commerce re-targeting - Good idea or invasion of privacy?
14th January 2013   |   Home

Imagine you walk into a store and select something you really liked but at the last moment change your mind. After a day or so you are walking on the road and look at a poster or banner to see that very item being advertised specifically to y...

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Planning multi-region websites - centralized or decentralized approach
10th January 2013   |   Home

Recently we had a meeting with a client with divisions across several countries and we were discussing how to plan the website architecture. This client has chosen a centralized integrated approach i.e. all site updations for all regions will be do...

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Web developers need to take charge of their projects - lead and advise the client.
25th December 2012   |   Home

Illustration by Bhakti Chande We all have stories about how a client drove a project off a cliff by their lack of cooperation or funny ideas about how things should be. The web design world is full of half done projects and dissatisfied client...

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What e-commerce websites can do to encourage impulse buying - it's tricky but possible.
18th December 2012   |   Home

This post is inspired from a discussion on the FB group Digital Marketing Ideas. The question asked was - 'Can we trigger impulse buying through digital marketing?'. And it got me thinking about the times when I purchased online on impulse, a...

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Growing the web design pie in India - changing our attitudes and increasing cooperation
13th December 2012   |   Home

Q. How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb? Ans. 1 to do the changing and 2500 to submit proposals for the contract for changing the light bulbs. Ok, so it may not be the best light bulb joke in the world but you get the ...

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Quick Weekend Reading (7tth December 2012)
7th December 2012   |   Home

A few cool articles and links to pass the time on the weekend. Schools Ditch The Classroom To Put Play Back In Education Avoiding "I'll know it when I see it" Wasted kindling Build Your Reputation the Rachael Ray Way Innovate ...

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Quick Weekend Reading (30th November 2012)
29th November 2012   |   Home

Some interesting articles and stories I came across in the last week. Enjoy at leisure. When Success is Born Out of Serendipity The only purpose of 'customer service'? Does a supermarket magazine really have more readers than The Sun?...

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