Guide stores and the merging of online and offline e-commerce for consumer confidence.
23rd November 2012   |   Home

Struggling with customer confidence in your online store? Here is the answer for you - Guide Stores. What is a guide store? A guide store is a physical store which acts as the real world companion to your online e-commerce website. A guide store ...

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Why Coca Cola switched to an editorial website and what we can learn from it.
22nd November 2012   |   Home

Came across this article in the New York Times titled 'Coke Revamps Web Site to Tell Its Story'. The skeptical among us might just consider this as another meaningless corporate re-branding but there is more here than meets the eye. ...

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Stand out in a crowded e-commerce marketplace by bundling effectively and creatively.
20th November 2012   |   Home

There is saying 'Sell the sizzle, not the steak'. This could now be amended to 'sell the package not the product'. Bundling has now become a necessity for e-commerce as many buyers are not looking for a single product but a whole deal with benef...

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Web designers can be game changers for their clients.
15th November 2012   |   Home

I like the term 'game changer', it means someone who comes in and literally transforms the existing way of doing things. Someone who completely changes the balance of power, so to speak. We all started our businesses wanting to be game changers but...

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On Auguste Rodin's 172nd birthday, let us all think!
12th November 2012   |   Home

Anyone who may have opened the Google homepage will be reminded of Auguste Rodin's 172 birthday  via the Google Doodle. Rodin, is famous for the renowned sculpture 'The Thinker' which always fascinated me. I kind of identify with the thinker, ...

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9th November 2012   |   Home

I first read this article a few days ago, an interview in Inc magazine of Jason Goldberg, founder of in which he mentions his Indian web development team several times.

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In Defence of Animals gets a new look! redesigned.
8th November 2012   |   Home

In Defence of Animals, India, one of the leading animal rights organizations in this country gets a new look. The design has been changed to reflect Focus on the three major online activities on the site ? sponsor, adopt or donate Scalab...

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Bridging client requirements with your company website services
7th November 2012   |   Home

Web designing has for long been associate with marketing and advertising of products and services. Due to this many other factors of having a great website get overlooked. Recently a client took me on a tour of his business and we reviewed opportu...

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Quick Weekend Reading (2nd November 2012)
7th November 2012   |   Home

A few interesting stories and articles I came across on my browsing the web -  Digital first isn't an option for media it's the only way forward Overstimulated by Seth Godin Why Amazon and Salesforce are pulling away from the cl...

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Why asking for design concepts before the project is awarded is not a good idea.
31st October 2012   |   Home

We frequently get requests from prospective customers for presenting design options before the project/ contract has been awarded to us. They call it proof of concepts and use them to decide a vendor. We do not encourage this practise at all, altho...

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