Quick Weekend Reading (2nd November 2012)
7th November 2012   |   Home

A few interesting stories and articles I came across on my browsing the web -  Digital first isn't an option for media it's the only way forward Overstimulated by Seth Godin Why Amazon and Salesforce are pulling away from the cl...

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Why asking for design concepts before the project is awarded is not a good idea.
31st October 2012   |   Home

We frequently get requests from prospective customers for presenting design options before the project/ contract has been awarded to us. They call it proof of concepts and use them to decide a vendor. We do not encourage this practise at all, altho...

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Hostage to hosting - A web developers best friend or worst nightmare
23rd October 2012   |   Home

The dreaded call early in the morning - 'my site is down', from a client. On going online you realize the server is down or the database connection has failed. The hosting company was doing some server maintenance at night and your website data got...

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Book Reco: 'Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing' by George Cloutier
5th October 2012   |   Home

This book is a swift kick in the backside for all entrepreneurs and business people When I picked up this book and briefly flipped through it I was struck by the brusque no nonsense tone of the writing. I avoided reading it for a few days thinking...

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Quick Weekend Reading (26th Sept 2012)
26th September 2012   |   Home

Here are some interesting links and stories I came across. Save it for some weekend reading. I have sat through many horrid presentations and am guilt...

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Creating engaging content for your website without hiring an army of content writers
28th August 2012   |   Home

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently a client asked for ideas on how to create engaging content for a website we are creating for him. Although he is passionate about the subject he does not have much material about it other than what he has...

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Book Reco - 'Never Eat Alone' by Keith Ferrazzi - A wakeup call for all business owners and entrepreneurs
24th August 2012   |   Home

As the daily grind of business and work carries on, many of forget the most critical part of our success - our network. In the begining we tend to it with great enthusiasm. But as the business picks up and we get busy, this aspect tends to get negl...

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Old outdated, decrepit, stale, crappy websites - even the best companies have them. Time to redesign.
17th August 2012   |   Home

It never fails to amaze me. Some of the most well known and well respected companies have crappy sites. Its as if the company has relegated website mainteance to some dusty old folder and have completely forgotten about it. They have no idea or th...

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Interactive reading - Completely changing the way we take in information.
1st August 2012   |   Home

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently I have become the proud owner of a Samsung Tab 10.1 (i know, i know?i am a late bloomer). What was surprising is the extent by which it changed my reading habits. I have always been a paper reader, prefe...

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Selling online to children - a different approach to creating websites for kids and parents
29th June 2012   |   Home

Illustration by Bhakti Chande Recently we have been handed several kids targeted website projects and its been quite a different experience. A lot of things you take for granted marketing to adults go out of the window. Colors, fonts, simplic...

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