Crowd Sourcing Websites - A good idea or a waste of time and effort?
16th February 2012   |   Home

Recently we had a brush with crowd sourcing through a client. He needed a logo designed and wanted to try out the crowd sourcing option. Ultimately it did not work out and he gave the job to us to complete. But the whole experience got me thinking ...

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Beating the Google Panda update - How we transformed and brought traffic up to Pre-Panda levels.
16th January 2012   |   Home

More than a few months ago we were hit with the Google Panda shocker. Overnight our Infertility treatment related website lost over 30-40% of its daily traffic. Although the traffic was still substantial, the loss of th...

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Start With Why by Simon Sineck - I'll tell you why you should buy this book!
13th January 2012   |   Home

I have been wanting to get my hands on the book by Simon Sineck (of Ted Talks fame) - 'Start with Why'. I finally managed to get a copy and was not disappointed. Simon's lucid and clear style of writing and explaining of intellectual concepts was ...

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Are dotcom entrepreneurs cluttering the marketplace with unworkable services and products?
9th January 2012   |   Home

The media today is awash with stories of dotcoms starting, getting funding and as quickly closing down. The culprits are too much money in the wrong hands, irrational expectations and a completely useless value-add concept. What is the value add h...

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Evaluating the complexity of web project - what makes a website simple or complex?
19th December 2011   |   Home

During a recent meeting with a prospective client I made an off hand remark that the project we were discussing is around 6/10 in terms of complexity ( 1 being simple and 10 very complex). The gentleman immediately asked how I came to that figure b...

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Bringing older business clients online - overcoming their fears & providing guidance
6th December 2011   |   Home

I recently met with a prospective client who confessed that she might be too late in terms of getting her business online. Overall she is a superbly successful business person with years of experience behind her but some fears (justified and unjust...

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IABC Western India Chapter - Communication Lighthouse, looking at change and crisis through the PR lens.
3rd December 2011   |   Home

The first in the series organized by the Western India chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). The speakers were highly experienced professionals who had come to share their ideas and time and that was highly apprecia...

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Professionalism, Masterchef Australia and what web designers can learn from them.
29th November 2011   |   Home

I am simply blown away by the professionalism of the popular food show Masterchef Australia. I am not particularly a foody but presentation and setup of the show really caught my attention and kept it there for an entire season. It speaks volumes ...

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What makes a good Web Designer? - Sonali Salvi
21st November 2011   |   Home

It was time for us to search for a designer who could think like us and deliver good designs. Test time for the shortlisted candidates threw light on one aspect strongly. What is "Design"? What is expected of a "Web Designer"? I started off in my ...

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