Social media integration - the definition of integration in the social media paradigm by Prashant Pinge
27th May 2011   |   Home

The golden age of social media has dawned. There is no knowing how long it will last. But businesses are scrambling to make their presence felt on this magical landscape that promises untold glory. Everyone knows about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter a...

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Leaders are readers, but do they have to be good writers too? The importance of creating compelling content in the new age digital marketing world.
21st May 2011   |   Home

I was inspired by this cool article by Sanket Nadhani of - How Writing Makes A Stronger You [And Why Entrepreneur Should Write] and it got me thinking about the importance of writing in today's world. If you read the article it ...

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Why I am making a blog compulsory for my clients. The challenges and issues of succesfully blogging for your business.
17th May 2011   |   Home

I must admit. I have become a blogging evanglist. I love blogging and i'm making sure my clients love blogging too. Why this compulsion for my clients to start and maintain their blog? In today's marketing environment all webites are saying pretty...

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The rise and rise of Jquery. What is the future for Flash? Flash v/s Jquery a head to head comparison.
16th May 2011   |   Home

I never liked Flash. But as a web designer i had no choice but to use it to deliver certain effects which were required for some sites. I must admit that we did some pretty awesome sites using Flash but remaining reliant on a proprietory technology...

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The battle for - a struggle against cyber squatting and identity theft.
10th May 2011   |   Home

We just won a small battle against cybersqatting and identity theft concerning the domain MIRACLEWORX.INFO. Last August some Ukranian guy quietly registered this domain and copied our site (previous version) and pretended to be us. He misrepresente...

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Crafting an online identity - the art of personal branding by Prashant Pinge
8th May 2011   |   Home

When one thinks of identity, the first thing that jumps to mind is individuality. That every individual is unique is without doubt. And yet, social norms dictate so many of our actions and thoughts that we somehow tend to get absorbed in the crowd,...

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SAP looking into gamification in its software solutions. A new era of productive fun for the working class maybe?
5th May 2011   |   Home

While doing research for a new website for a SAP consultant client I came across this very interesting link

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Indian web designers should reclaim the high ground through best practices which do not come at the cost of innovation or creativity.
4th May 2011   |   Home

Whenever I discuss standards and best practices for web design companies in India I am greeted with the same refrain - web design companies are innovative and follow their own paths. The implication is that by applying standards somehow we will loo...

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The value of cybercafes in India. Is it the beginning of the end for cybercafes or do they still hold value?
2nd May 2011   |   Home

I was reading about the draconian new rules being instituted to control Cyber Cafes in India. Read Nikhil Pahwa's excellent take on this issue. It got me thinking about the value cybercafes still have in India. With ever increasing household ...

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Why doesn't India have a web designer and developers association? Its high time this industry organized itself and implemented standards.
29th April 2011   |   Home

I have been in this business for nearly 13 years. In these years I have seen our industry grow from a fledgling outcrop of the software industry to one which has grown into a huge industry in itself. The web design and development industry in India...

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