The Donaldification of marketing
24th April 2017   |   Home

  "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein. I watched with sadness as a client painstakingly crafted a one page long article about his business to b...

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List of credit card payment gateways in India. Options for adding a payment gateway to your e-commerce website.
2nd March 2017   |   Home

Credit Card Gateways in India have multiplied in the last few years providing e-commerce website owners a range of rates, fees and options to choose from.In a cost conscious country like India ultimately the rates are the key. Here is our hones...

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What to do when your existing web developer bungles badly
15th February 2017   |   Home

Recently we had the experience of visiting a prospective client whose website project had been badly bungled by their current web developer. Although the developer seemed reputed, he had done a terrible job on the client's website. Hence, the invit...

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Expansion of the 'Google Tax' will really hurt the web design and digital marketing industry
28th December 2016   |   Home

News that the infamous 'Google Tax' might be expanded to more online services is a nightmare scenario for digital service providers like us. Already burdened by a 15% service tax, the additional 6% will create an unrealistic 21% levy on digital ser...

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Demonetization has businesses scrambling for payment gateways in their websites
22nd December 2016   |   Home

It's a good time to be a payment gateway company. After years of slow growth they are now poised for explosive growth. Demonetization has given splendid opportunities to cashless services providers including online payment gateways. There was...

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Quick Reads - 9th November 2016
9th December 2016   |   Home

Why Google is Going 100 Percent Green Google aims to power all its services using green energy sources and it makes business sense as well with unit prices falling.

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Formulating a Social Media Strategy forces the business to look inwards
8th November 2016   |   Home

Most businesses are outward looking. They are either looking at the customers, markets or at competitors. A few departments by design such as HR might look inwards and the C-Suite might superficially look inwards during strategy making. Howeve...

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Wishing All Our Friends & Families a Very Happy Diwali!!
28th October 2016   |   Home


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Finding the right match between a web design agency and clients
9th August 2016   |   Home

From time to time, during the RFQ period, we bow out of the bidding due to differences in thought process and requirements. Over the years we have learnt to recognise the signs that indicatethat we are not a good match to the client. We call th...

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What I would like to see in a new and improved LinkedIn
14th June 2016   |   Home

The big news of the week and probably month is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. People have analysed from every angle whether this is a good thing or not. I want to take a much simpler approach to this merger. As a common user I would really...

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