Formulating a Social Media Strategy forces the business to look inwards
8th November 2016   |   home

Most businesses are outward looking. They are either looking at the customers, markets or at competitors. A few departments by design such as HR might look inwards and the C-Suite might superficially look inwards during strategy making. Howeve...

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Wishing All Our Friends & Families a Very Happy Diwali!!
28th October 2016   |   home


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Finding the right match between a web design agency and clients
9th August 2016   |   home

From time to time, during the RFQ period, we bow out of the bidding due to differences in thought process and requirements. Over the years we have learnt to recognise the signs that indicatethat we are not a good match to the client. We call th...

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What I would like to see in a new and improved LinkedIn
14th June 2016   |   home

The big news of the week and probably month is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. People have analysed from every angle whether this is a good thing or not. I want to take a much simpler approach to this merger. As a common user I would really...

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The shifting paradigm from traditional PR to digital PR.
20th May 2016   |   home

With the ever changing landscape of the online world another great industry has also risen side by side. The PR industry now gives serious competition to the advertising industry in every which way. The rise of PR has been aided in no small part t...

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Quick Reads - Some stories and articles making waves
27th April 2016   |   home

Here's another round up of quick reads that are making waves on the net. This company secretly runs the internet - now it's raised another $8 million to rule everything else, too Very few people have heard of Nginx (pronounced "Engine-X") but it ...

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Protect your domains and other digital IP or else face cyber squatting
15th March 2016   |   home

We keep seeing this over and over. Clients with multiple domains and websites don't have a clue where the domain or website is hosted. When it's time for a site revamp or starting a new marketing programme everyone starts scrambling to find the age...

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Where are you adding value? If you cannot answer this then don't start it!
15th February 2016   |   home

Every business needs to add value in the chain between the producer and the consumer. If you are not the producer than you should be very clear what value you are creating sitting in the chain. Many new businesses today aren't really clear on what ...

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Book Reco - How to Get Lucky by Max Gunther
17th December 2015   |   home

Anyone who has been a student of business and success knows the importance of success. Luck can make you or break you. No amount of knowledge or skill can help you if your luck is not good. For most of us, luck seems to be an unfathomable uncontrol...

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6 business lessons from Jeffery Archer's 'As The Crow Flies'
17th November 2015   |   home

I love fiction with business as the central theme. I love to read of a rags to riches story as the protagonist overcomes obstacles to attain a life of riches and wealth. 'As The Crow Flies' by Jeffery Archer is just such a book. I really don't kn...

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