Interruption marketing is over. VALUE Marketing is in. Building an ecosystem of support and value around each purchase.
27th April 2011   |   Home

I was struck by this wonderful quote from a pdf  my SEO expert Shashank passed on to me: We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in & be what people are interested in. This pretty much sums up what marketers now have...

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Are you taking enough risks with your digital marketing strategy? Breaking out of the conservative Indian website designs mindset.
24th April 2011   |   Home

It always happens the same way. The client starts out enthusiastically to create something new and great and we are mandated to design something outrageous and highly creative. We put on our thinking caps and come up with something really out of th...

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Online advertising revenue surpasses print revenue advertising in the US. India still has a long way to go though.
18th April 2011   |   Home

An interesting piece of news released by which caught my attention and may be a major indicator of things to come - Online advertising revenue has surpassed Print newspaper ad revenue in the US. Print ad revenue is estimated at $22.8 ...

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The concept of gamification - Are Indian businesses and web developers upto the challenge?
14th April 2011   |   Home

A new concept taking the online industry by storm is 'Gamification'. The concept of Gamification revolves around rewarding users for performing set tasks in a certain manner and creating a reward structure around the overall performance of the task...

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Mix and Match: Finding the right digital marketing combination for your business.
12th April 2011   |   Home

Considering the bewildering array of marketing solutions and opportunities available for you its easy to get lost in the choices. Here's a quick primer on how to select the best marketing options for your purposes. Lets go step by step. Step 1. Le...

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The biggest Mall in the world - the Internet by Prashant Pinge
9th April 2011   |   Home

Malls are mushrooming all over India, in small and large cities alike. I happened to be in one a few days ago. And this was quite a large mall. There were so many shops all over. But what got me thinking was why some of the shops were doing better ...

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User Generated Content for your website - Inspiring your visitors
7th April 2011   |   Home

I was completely inspired by this video of Ze Frank explaining his various experiments and projects which look like the holy grail of user generated content. Individuals from around the world take part in his wacky and sometimes inspiring assignmen...

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Web strategist - Why Indian companies should develop websites with a coherent web strategy
5th April 2011   |   Home

A pet peeve of mine since a long time has been Indian companies developing websites without formulating a coherent web strategy. Websites are built around products, a design element such as a logo or a managers idea of what the website should be. T...

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Democratization of web means every website has to become a politician - pitch for votes
1st April 2011   |   Home

We usually associate voting with scumbag politicians and their fake promises and plastic smiles. But now in this new age of web democracy every website has to garner votes to become popular and remain in power. Every click of a 'like' button or 'st...

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14 practical ideas for what you can do with a business website
31st March 2011   |   Home

Sitting recently with a client we started throwing out ideas on what we can do with their sites. The client had no pre-conceived notions about what was possible and was open to new ideas and suggestions. Although the discussion was detailed, here a...

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